meetings on a houseboat in Amsterdam


You can contact us for renting black city bikes! Even a guide will accompany you for a tailor-made bike tour.

€ 10 per bicycle

Water cycle
The swan-shaped pedal boat is recognizable in the Amstel. It can also be rented during the meeting.

€ 15 per hour

Better than a boat, better than a jet ski. The WaterSkipper is the coolest product that has hit the water in years. Unlike other human powered watercrafts, this product lets you fly over the water by simply jumping up and down, thanks to its clever design

Watch a video here ☺︎

€ 10 per hour

Boat trip
A boat trip (two or three hours) is a nice conclusion (or perhaps a start?) Of the meeting. This makes it a company outing to never forget.

€ 125 per hour

(mentioned prices are excl. applicable VAT)